Hi I’m Scott Cooper!

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, but in 2014 I moved to New York City where I lived for a year, before relocating to San Francisco, California. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

I look after Marketing & Growth at Drawboard, a top app in the Microsoft Store globally, and am the co-founder of Project SWARM, a small business incubator based out of Melbourne. You can also find me running Online Learning Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to providing the best quality online learning news directly to your inbox, and i’m one of the co-organizers of the Bay Area Learning Design & Technology Meetup, and Brisbane Learning & Technology Meetup.

In 2018, I released my first book ‘A Guide to Better eLearning’ to help people learn more about how to create successful online courses.

I am also a sideline reporter for Starting5Online covering the NBA, more specifically the Golden State Warriors, even though i’m a passionate Celtics fan.

Outside of my more serious projects i’m a live music photographer and videographer, I have a project called Unseen Monsters with New Zealand artist Mr Leon Taylor, and love to help out Melbourne based charity Helping Hoops.

I’m always interesting in working on exciting new projects, so if you’re doing something cool that you’d like me to be involved with, let me know!

My articles are also published weekly at Starting5Online, GO1 and eLearning Industry

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I am one one the co-organizers of the Bay Area Learning Design and Technology Meetup


Hit me up on Twitter or email me at scottdcooper8 at gmail.com if you’d like to chat!