Anderson Varejao is no stranger to Oracle Arena. He’s walked out onto this floor to take part in some of the biggest games of his career over the past twelve years, but Tuesday night was a different occasion altogether. As he came out to warm-up with his team mates, Varejao was greeted with cheering fans, rather than feeling like he’d stepped into a war-zone. Although he was picked up off the waivers by Golden State after being traded to Portland a few weeks ago, Tuesday night was the first time that the Brazilian walked onto Oracle’s hardwood as a Golden State Warrior.

Normally when a team picks up a player off the waivers it isn’t a huge deal, but in this case, bringing Anderson Varejao into this Warriors team could provide an already potent team with yet another edge over their Eastern Conference rivals. If Cleveland knew that their former center would end up on the team that defeated them in last year’s Finals, would they have even traded him in the first place?

After battling against the Warriors in last year’s Finals, it’s looking highly likely that the Cavs could be back for another shot at redemption in June, making this pickup huge for the Dubs. Not only are they adding even more depth to an already cavernous bench, but they are bringing in a player with the inside knowledge that could be crucial in taking the upper hand in a finals series.

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