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Articles April 7, 2017

Why I started Online Learning Weekly, the curated learning news you want to read

I recently launched a new project called Online Learning Weekly. The idea behind the Online Learning Weekly stemmed from conversations that I had with several learning and technology experts in San Francisco. We had all experienced the same frustrations when trying to keep up to date with industry news, best practices, and other general cool things that people are working on.

In theory this shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

Articles August 20, 2016

Side Projects: How to make a career switch without starting from scratch

I recently posted an article about how I made the switch from being a Civil Engineer in Australia to being the Marketing Manager for fast growing online learning startup GO1. In the days and weeks to follow, I received a stack of messages from people who had a similar experience with their career change, as well as hearing from a lot of people who are feeling stuck in their current path and looking for advice on how to start taking steps towards being able to make a career switch.