When this season started, no one expected the Lakers to be a team that was competing for a playoff berth. Now that we’re almost halfway through the season, nothing much has changed, except that now we can see that the future is looking brighter than expected for the purple and gold.

This years Lakers roster is made up of a mix of seasoned veterans combined with a heap of rookies, and not too much in-between. They did make some good moves in the off season drawing in Roy Hibbert from Indiana, and Lou Williams from Toronto, but the most exciting thing about this team is the talent of the young players currently lighting up the court.

In the current starting lineup we have been seeing a number of first and second year players regularly taking the floor, with nine of the fifteen players on their active list today having less than three years experience in the league. We’ve all heard about Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell, but there’s a few other interesting players on this Lakers roster that have slipped under the radar.

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