Everyone in attendance tonight at Oracle Arena knew that they were going to be witnessing history. Only two teams in the history of the NBA have reached 15 straight wins to start the season (Houston in 1993 and Washington in 1948), but no one has been able to take that next step. Until now.

The Golden State Warriors are unstoppable. Even when the team is playing well below their best, they are still easily taking care of some of their top challengers in the league. They have made easy work of Memphis, Houston and the Clippers, and it’s scary to think that they still have room to improve.

Speaking on how the team has been handling the added attention before the game, Warriors coach Luke Walton said “I think our guys like this. This bigger the stage for them, the more excited they get. It can obviously be a distraction. I even have people calling me me like crazy asking for tickets. You never want to get out of your routine as a player, but I think they are excited about this opportunity and looking forward to it.”

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