The stage was set.

Dub Nation was out in force anticipating that their Golden State Warriors would wrap up another NBA Championship in Game 5, but someone forgot to tell the Cleveland Cavaliers how things were supposed to end. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving lived up to their superstar tags and kept the champagne on ice — for at least one more game.

With “Free Draymond” chants echoing throughout Oracle Arena, almost as loud as the boos every time LeBron even though about going near the ball, it soon became clear that the Cavs were going to be sticking to their game plan of getting James and Irving the ball and getting out of the way — and it was working.

At the half both teams only had 3 players in double figures, including the two superstars of each team. Klay Thompson had 25 for the Dubs, while James had 26 for the Cavs.

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