It might be a holiday Down Under, but this Australia Day, two of the biggest names in Australian basketball, Patty Mills and Andrew Bogut, faced off against each other in one of the biggest games so far this season. Bogut’s Warriors may have walked away with an impressive win, but Patty Mills and his Australian-themed shoes put up a strong fight.

Australia Day is always a big occasion for Aussies overseas, especially for those who get the chance to represent their country on a world stage. As an indigenous Australian, Australia day has an even deeper meaning for Mills.

When asked what Australia day means to him, Mils said: “For me it means a lot of things. I think being away from Australia for almost ten years, it’s one of those holidays that always hits home for me and a time for me to share my culture with my team mates and other people over here in the states. Listen to Australian music, eat Australian food, drinks as well – flat whites, whatever it may be, all about culture, from my Australian culture to my indigenous culture I like to recognize it all and share it with everyone over here.” 

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