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NBA April 8, 2016

San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors

This season the NBA world has been mesmerized with the Golden State Warriors, and rightfully so. They have been smashing records that we never thought would be broken, and have redefined the way the game has been played with their explosive offense. With all eyes on the Dubs, the San Antonio Spurs have been quietly going about their business and are right there in the Warriors’ shadow, waiting for their chance to pounce.

NBA January 26, 2016

San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warrirors

It might be a holiday Down Under, but this Australia Day, two of the biggest names in Australian basketball, Patty Mills and Andrew Bogut, faced off against each other in one of the biggest games so far this season. Bogut’s Warriors may have walked away with an impressive win, but Patty Mills and his Australian-themed shoes put up a strong fight.