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NBA May 31, 2016

Western Conference Finals: Game 7

The last time there was a Game 7 in the Western Conference Finals, it was 2002 and Kobe and Shaq’s Lakers were lining up against Chris Webber and his Kings. Fast forward to 2016, and NBA fans have witnessed one of the greatest series ever. This was a franchise changing series for both teams, and it had everything from superstar performances to controversy and dramas, not to mention some of the best basketball we have seen all season.

NBA May 27, 2016

Western Conference Finals: Game 5


That’s the only way to describe the attitude of the Golden State Warriors as they headed into a must-win Game 5 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. A disappointing performance on the road in Oklahoma resulted in some heavy losses, and for the first time in twelve months, it appeared that the seemingly unbeatable Warriors wouldn’t even make it back to the Finals to try defend their crown. Setting NBA records during the regular season counts for nothing unless you end the season with a ring on your finger, and the Warriors know that.

NBA May 19, 2016

Western Conference Finals: Game 2

A conference finals series between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder could only be exciting. Each team possesses two of the best shooters in the game, and even though that’s where the majority of the points are coming from on both ends of the floor, it’s the battle of the big men that has allowed the Thunder to rattle the defending champions early in the series.