A conference finals series between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder could only be exciting. Each team possesses two of the best shooters in the game, and even though that’s where the majority of the points are coming from on both ends of the floor, it’s the battle of the big men that has allowed the Thunder to rattle the defending champions early in the series.

In his third season in the NBA, New Zealand native Steven Adams has lifted his game in this year’s playoffs. He might look like a cowboy, but the 22-year-old big man has been a key part of the success for Oklahoma City during these playoffs.

After averaging 8 points and 6 rebounds in the regular season, Adams has stepped up his game coming into the post season, adding an extra 2 points and a massive 4 rebounds to his per game averages, and he has found himself playing extra minutes in key moments throughout the game.

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