Tens of thousands of women’s rights supporters braved the rain in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon to take part in the city’s Women’s March form Civic Center to The Ferry Building on Embarcadaro. These were some of the attendees taking part in the march.

Womens March


Womens March-37


Womens March-35


Womens March-34


Womens March-33


Womens March-32


Womens March-31


Womens March-30


Womens March-29


Womens March-28


Womens March-27


Womens March-26


Womens March-25


Womens March-24


Womens March-23


Womens March-22


Womens March-21


Womens March-20


Womens March-19


Womens March-18


Womens March-17


Womens March-16


Womens March-15


Womens March-14


Womens March-13


Womens March-12


Womens March-11


Womens March-10


Womens March-9


Womens March-8


Womens March-7


Womens March-6


Womens March-5


Womens March-4


Womens March-3


Womens March-2